Cognitive Interviewing as a Method of Pre-Testing Questionnaire Measures


  • Nena Vukelić Sveučilište u Rijeci, Filozofski fakultet, Odsjek za pedagogiju, Rijeka, Hrvatska


cognitive interview, cognitive interviewing, pretesting methods, methodology in social sciences


Cognitive interviewing is one of the pre-testing methods that is used in scale development to inform item revision decisions and to provide validity evidence of response processes for questionnaire items. Cognitive interviewing usually consists of a series of successive rounds of interviews in which all aspects of the survey are applied and (consequently) adapted. The scientific literature lacks a systematic review as well as consensus on the specifics of the design and adequate practice of cognitive interviewing. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to offer an overview of the method of cognitive interviewing and to point out open questions that have the potential to generate new research ideas that would improve the method of cognitive interviewing. A review of the literature points to certain conceptual problems in defining this method, but also to prolific areas for further research on cognitive interviewing.