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Based on the proposal of Branko Sremec, The Department of Psychology (then Division for Psychology) started publishing its Journal in 1992. under the title “Godišnjak Zavoda za psihologiju”.

In 1997. the Journal changed its name to “Psychological Topics” (Psihologijske teme). In addition to regular numbers, based on the proposal of Igor Kardum, in 2006. the Journal started publishing special (thematic) issues in English, wherein respectable foreign authors publish their articles. The Journal is cited in renowned international bibliographic databases.

Since 1992. the Journal has been published regularly each year, at first one number per year, from 2005. two numbers per year, and since 2011. three numbers per year. A number of Department members have performed the function of Editor-in-Chief since 1992., in the following order: Branko Sremec (1992.-1993.), Igor Kardum (1994.-1996.), Jasna Hudek-Knežević (1997.-2000.), Svjetlana Kolić-Vehovec (2001.-2005.), Ingrid Brdar (2006.-2010.), Alessandra Pokrajac-Bulian (2011.-2014.), Barbara Kalebić Maglica (2015.-2020.), and Tamara Mohorić (2021.-...).

Guest Editors of special issues were: Igor Kardum (2006., 2013., 2016., 2017., 2021.), Jasna Hudek-Knežević (2006., 2016., 2017., 2021.), Asmir Gračanin (2006., 2013.), Mladenka Tkalčić (2007., 2018.), Alessandra Pokrajac-Bulian (2008., 2018.), Ingrid Brdar (2009.), Ivanka Živčić-Bećirević (2010.), Vladimir Takšić (2011., 2020.), Nada Krapić (2012.), Domagoj Švegar (2013.), Svjetlana Kolić-Vehovec (2014.), Barbara Rončević Zubković (2014.), Sanja Smojver-Ažić (2015.), Igor Bajšanski (2019.), Tamara Mohorić (2020.), and John Pellitteri (2020.).

Aims and Scope

Published articles most often belong to the field of developmental, cognitive, educational, clinical, health, organisational, evolutionary, and personality psychology. The Journal is published three times per year, with the first number dedicated to a specific topic. The goal of the Journal is to create a communication link not only between scientists from different areas of research, but to allow implementation of modern scientific knowledge into psychological practice.

Psychological Topics are published three times a year, in April, July and December. Only previously unpublished manuscripts are accepted for publication, after receiving two independent positive reviews. The first annual number of the Journal is thematic and includes articles written in the English language exclusively, while the two remaining numbers include articles both in Croatian and in English, which is preferred. The Journal publishes original scientific papers, review papers and short reports. Every article includes a structured abstract which is translated into two languages.


Articles published in Psychological Topics are abstracted in:

  • Scopus (Elsevier),
  • PsycINFO (American Psychological Association),
  • EBSCO – Academic Search Complete, Central & Eastern European Academic Source,
  • DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University Library),
  • ProQuest,
  • ERIH PLUS (European Reference Indeks for the Humanities and Social Sciences),
  • Hrčak – Portal znanstvenih časopisa Republike Hrvatske (MZOS, Srce & HIDD).

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