Vol 26, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Igor Kardum, Jasna Hudek-Knezevic
Heritability of Personality PDF
Denis Bratko, Ana Butković, Tena Vukasović Hlupić 1-24
Moving Forward with the BAS: Towards a Neurobiology of Multidimensional Model of Approach Motivation PDF
Dino Krupić, Philip J. Corr 25-45
To Do or not to Do: Inhibiting Attention and Action Depending on the Level of Extraversion PDF
Marin Dujmović, Zvjezdan Penezić 47-60
The General Factor of Personality: Ten Years After PDF
Janek Musek 61-87
Narcissism and the Strategic Pursuit of Short-Term Mating: Universal Links across 11 World Regions of the International Sexuality Description Project-2 PDF
David P. Schmitt et al. 89-137
Personality, Stress and Resilience: A Multifactorial Cognitive Science Perspective PDF
Gerald Matthews, Jinchao Lin, Ryan Wohleber 139-162
The Connections between Pathological Personality Traits and Interpersonal Behavior PDF
Gillian A. McCabe, Jennifer K. Vrabel, Virgil Zeigler-Hill 163-178
Women's Race-and Sex-Based Social Attitudes: An Individual Differences Perspective PDF
Peter K. Jonason, Ashley N. Lavertu 179-193
Bringing the Psychology of Situations into Flow Research: Personality and Situation Characteristics as Predictors of Flow PDF
Gaja Zager Kocjan, Andreja Avsec 195-210
Assortative Mating for Psychopathy Components and its Effects on the Relationship Quality in Intimate Partners PDF
Igor Kardum, Jasna Hudek-Knezevic, Asmir Gračanin, Nermina Mehic 211-239
Self-Esteem and Locus of Causality as Vulnerability Factors for the Development of Actual/Ideal Self-Discrepancies in Late Childhood PDF
Lisa Di Blas, Annunziata Cepollaro 241-259

ISSN: 1332-0742