Cyberbullying among Children and Youth: A Review of Prevention Programs

Vjekoslav Jeleč, Gordana Buljan Flander, Ana Raguž, Krešimir Prijatelj, Dora Vranjican


In the last decade, a growing body of research has dealt with the effects of cyberbullying on mental health of children and youth, and the results have systematically shown that cyberbullying is on the rise and that the mental health consequences are negative for both victims and perpetrators. Effective prevention programs for cyberbullying targeting children, youth, professionals, parents, and all those involved in upbringing are being developed and evaluated in the world, Europe and Croatia. Common features of implementing successful prevention programs that most authors agree on are the education of students, teachers, professional assistants and parents, their collaboration, the use of quality interactive educational content and knowledge of following protocols for schools in cases of electronic violence.


cyberbullying prevention; educational system; education; cooperation


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