Nightlife and COVID Vaccinations: A Field Study on an Italian Sample of Party Youth in summer 2021


  • Antonina Contino ASUGI, Department of Addiction Services, Trieste, Italy
  • Marco Codarin Soc. Cooperativa Sociale “La Quercia”, Trieste, Italy
  • Lisa Di Blas University of Trieste, Department of Life Sciences, Trieste, Italy


COVID vaccination, COVID prevention behaviours, substance consumption, risk perception, adolescence


In this study, we described rates of COVID vaccination, attitudes towards COVID prevention behaviours, and perceived risk in relation to different areas of personal well-being and substance use during the pandemic, in a sample of 16- to 25-year-olds (N = 411). The participants completed a short self-report questionnaire, while they were spending their 2021 summer nightlife in a crowded city venue. Results showed that 64% of respondents reported being vaccinated. Among the unvaccinated participants, those who were unwilling to be vaccinated agreed less with prevention rules and felt more at risk for drug use and for chances of getting or maintaining a job, when compared to both vaccinated peers and to peers who were unvaccinated but positively intentioned to vaccinate. Overall, the present findings confirm that youth felt at risk for their well-being during the pandemic and further reveal that young people who are reluctant to vaccinate deserve more attention. Vaccination campaigns need to be strengthened in social contexts, where chances of getting a job or keeping it are lower, while the risk of drug use is higher.