Sense of Identity and Self-Control: The Mediating Role of Goal Characteristics

Aleksandra Pilarska


This study addressed the role of a sense of personal identity as a self-regulatory mechanism that facilitates congruence and coherence of goals that people set for themselves and thereby enhances their capacity to exert self-control. A total of 489 young adults completed a packet of questionnaires that assessed basic dimensions of sense of identity, congruence and coherence of goals, and self-control capacity. Direct and indirect paths of a sense of identity on self-control were examined using structural equation modelling. The proposed model was, for the most part, supported by data. It should be noted, however, that the mediation effects were fairly small, and the sense of identity had a direct predictive effect on self-control over and above congruence and coherence of goals.


sense of identity; self-control; goal congruence; goal coherence

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