Igor Kardum, Jasna Hudek-Knezevic


This issue of Psychological Topics is devoted to one of the central scientific domains for understanding human behavior – personality psychology.  
It presents a broad range of contemporary theoretical and empirical contributions regarding personality structure and processes as well as the effects of personality on various outcomes such as sexuality, stress, social attitudes, flow and interpersonal behavior. The articles presented stem from different perspectives including evolutionary, behavioral genetic, physiological, cognitive, developmental and cross-cultural, and show the richness, complexity and diversity of the field.
Although the process of editing a journal can be sometimes demanding, we would like to say that we enjoyed it because it was stimulating and challenging and in the end a rewarding experience, mainly thanks to excellent and cooperative authors, who accepted our invitation and contributed to this thematic issue. We would also like to thank Editor-in Chief, Editorial Board and academic reviewers, without whose help this issue would not have been possible. 

Igor Kardum

Jasna Hudek-Knezevic

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